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10^8 PVC Anti Static Floor Carpet Tiles Conductive Vinyl Flooring 590×590 mm

10^8 PVC Anti Static Floor Carpet Tiles Conductive Vinyl Flooring 590×590 mm

Model Number : TS0310B
Certification : CE/ROHS
Place of Origin : SHENZHEN,CHINA
MOQ : 100 sqm
Price : Negotiation
Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability : 1000 sqm/day
Delivery Time : 7-8 work days
Packaging Details : 30 pcs/carton
Size : 610*610,600*600,590*590mm
Product : Anti static vinyl floor tile
Thickness : 2mm,2.5mm,3mm,4mm
Dacey time : <0.8S
Surface resistance : <10^8
Material : Vinyl/PVC
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10^8 PVC Anti Static Floor Carpet Tiles Conductive Vinyl Flooring 590×590 mm

Technical Data for Anti Static ESD vinyl floor tile:


Anti Static Vinyl(PVC) Tile







Surface Resistivity

Conductive tile

Dissipative tile

<1.0*106 ohm

1.0*106-1.0*109 ohm

Decay time


Charge Voltage


Fire Resistance(DIN4102)


Combustion Properties


Amount of anti-wear (SJ/T11236-2001) <0.02g/sqm 1000r


Anti-wear Properties EN660PT2


Wheel Pressure

No influence

Residual Concavity EN443/DIN51955


ESD Anti-static Vinyl floor tile construction norm:

1.1 General provisions
1.1.1 Antistatic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) including construction of the ground dealing with the grass-roots level, grounding systems, glue preparation, anti-static polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Tiemianban (hereinafter) of the pave and stick and cleaning Tiemianban construction, testing, and quality inspection.
1.1.2 Construction site, the temperature should be between 10-35 ℃ relative temperature not more than 80%; ventilation should be good. Indoor other construction projects should have been basically completed.
1.2 Materials, equipment and tools
1.2.1 Construction materials should comply with the following requirements:
1 Tiemianban: physical properties of size and appearance should be consistent with the "anti-static Tiemianban general specification" SJ/T11236 requirements, and a permanent anti-static properties. Its size and surface resistivity: I. Type Tiemianban electrostatic resistance values should be less than 1.0 × 106 Ω, static dissipative panel of medical treatment in the resistance values of 1.0 × × 109 Ω 106-1.0.

2 Conductive adhesive: should be non-water-soluble glue, Tiemianban resistance value should be less than the resistance value, bond strength should be larger than 3 × 106N/M2

3 Plastic electrode: Uniform color should be used, the same diameter, flexible material good.

4 Conductive copper foil for the network: thickness shall be not less than 0.025 mm, width to 15 mm.
1.2.2 Tiemianban ventilation should be stored in dry storage, away from the acid, alkali and other corrosive substances. Handling should be Qingzhuang light dumping, is prohibited uncompromised impact. Outdoor prohibited under the sun and the rain.
1.2.3 Commonly used construction equipment (including tools) should include slotting machine, plastic gun, rubber hammer, cutting knife, ruler, brushes, waxing machine, with its specifications, performance and technical indicators should be consistent with requirements of the construction process.
1.3 Preparations for the
Figure 1.3.1 familiar with the design, construction and inspection of the scene.
1.3.2 Construction of the development programme, drawing anti-static grounding system ground plans, grounding terminal map and grid layout.
1.3.3 Requirements under construction technology available in various construction materials, equipment, tools, and placed neatly.
1.3.4 Surface area of more than 140 m2, in a formal demonstration should be done before construction of laying.
1.3.5 Construction site should comply with the following requirements:
A grassroots ground-ground cement or terrazzo floor when:
1) Ground should be clean and should be on the ground in the paint, adhesives and other remnants of clean up.
2) The ground should be formed by two meters ruler checks gap should be less than 2 mm. If there are cracks or uneven areas need to be filled.
3) the ground should be dry, if the underlying ground water should be dealt with.
4) Can not afford to hard surface should be sand, mortar strength should not be lower than No. 75.
2 Grassroots ground-floor (wood floors, ceramic tile, plastic, etc.) should be removed original flooring, and on the ground should be thoroughly remove the residue of glue.
3 Construction site should be equipped with artificial lighting devices.
1.3.6 Determine Grounding Terminal Location: 100 m2 in area within the grounding terminal should not be less than one; each additional area of 100 m2, should additional grounding terminal 1-2.
1.3.7 Construction thoroughly before cleaning the grass-roots level ground, the ground may not be left drosses, dust, and other milk.
Construction 1.4
1.4.1 Designated baseline, depending on the geometry room reasonably determine.
1.4.2 Should be laying the network layout of conductive copper mesh. The vertical and horizontal cross-copper, should be placed at the centre of Tiemianban. The roll-out of the copper should be straight, not curly, nor intermittent. Terminal connection with the grounding of the copper foil should allow sufficient length.
1.4.3 Configuration conductive adhesive: carbon black and glue weight ratio should be 1:1 configuration, and stir evenly.
1.4.4 Shuajiao: At the difference on the ground, has to pave and stick conductive copper above, coating should be uniform, comprehensive, and after natural coating dries.
1.4.5 Pave and stick Tiemianban: dehydration to be coated with non-stick on the ground to dry hands, we should start to pave and stick production. Tiemianban pave and stick will be the two right angle at the baseline side, should pave and stick rapid fast. board and board should be left between 1-2 mm gap, the gap width should remain basically the same. rubber hammer uniform Hitting board, and at the pave and stick-checks to ensure that the firm paste. edge of the application of non-standard ground Tiemianban pave and stick filled, non-standard Tiemianban Tiemianban standards used by the cutting knife from cutting.
1.4.6 Pawnshops terminal affixed to the ground, should be the first to connect grounding terminal leads impregnable fortress chaff, or using soldering methods and Crimp solid grounding terminal links. Continue to pave and stick panel.
1.4.7 After the entire room to pave and stick should be used along the seams Tiemianban grooving a welding machine slot. Slot-line should be straight and uniform, trough 3 ± 0.2mm suitable.
1.4.8 Application plastic welding torch in the slot for thermoplastic welding, plate and the plate connecting. Welding Application of excess-profits knife cuts, but not Tiemianban scratches the surface.
1.4.9 Grounding system construction should include Conductive Adhesive Layer, conductive copper grid, grounding copper, grounding terminal, grounding Yinxiaxian, grounding devices, and so forth. In addition to provisions of this chapter, the remaining provisions shall be consistent with this standard.
1.4.10 Pave and stick work completed, clean the ground, and anti-static coating of wax should be protected.
4.5 Test and quality examination
4.5.1 Antistatic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Ground detection devices should be standardized with the "common detection apparatus" with the requirements.
4.5.2 Test environment: the temperature should be between 15-30 ℃ relative to the temperature is less than 70%.
4.5.3 Antistatic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ground surface resistivity values and value systems resistance measurement methods should be adopted following:
1 Surface resistivity measurements: the whole anti-static ground should be split into 2-4 m2, surveying the region, randomly selected 30% -50% of the survey region, the two electrodes were placed Tiemianban surface, a distance of 900 mm, with the electrode Tiemianban contacts should be good. At the same from the 2-4 m2 in the region should be measured numerical 4-8 months, and recorded.
2 Resistivity measurement system: from the ground in the recent regional terminal randomly selected number of points should be a good surface electrode and Tiemianban contacts, and the other electrode and grounding terminal linked to resistance values measured systems, and for record .
3 Quality assessment method should be "Dipi count sampling inspection procedures and sampling table" GB2828 regulations.
4.5.4 Electrical Performance indicators should meet the following requirements:
1 Requires a derivative of the electrostatic type, surface resistivity and system resistance values of less than 1 × 106 Ω.
2 Requires a static-dissipative, and the surface resistance and resistance values in the system 106-1 × 1 × 109 Ω between.
3 system grounding resistance value should meet the design requirements.
1.5.5 Presentation performance should meet the following requirements:
1 May be hollowing, delamination, cracking;
2 No obvious rugged;
3 No obvious scratches;
4 No obvious color.
1.5.6 Nndertake anti-static polyvinyl chloride (PVC) testing ground units should be authorized by the State with appropriate aptitude test reports as the authoritative body.

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